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PRANK NEWS - March 3, 2013

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IRON LUNG "WHITE GLOVE TEST" LP/CD is out now and the band is now out on a month and a half north American tour (complete dates in the tour section). The Band is selling a limited 2XLP version on the Road while supplies last. The First disc is the White glove test Lp, the second LP is a companion Noise Record " finds more filth". Prank has made a 2XCD Version that replicates this and the download code in the Single LP also has the noise record. IRON LUNG will perform at this year's Maryland Deathfest and Chaos In Tejas.

NO STATIK's "We all Die In The End" 12" has been re-pressed on Purple vinyl. "Everywhere You Aren't Looking" LP is up next for a re-press. NO STATIK will play this year's CHAOS IN TEJAS and 924 GILMAN'S "THIS IS NOT A STEP" fest. NO STATIK also have a new song on Thrillhouse's new Bay Area Punk compilation tape "BY ANY MEANS".

FORWARD have had to post pone returning to the US and cancelled their Upcoming USA dates. There's still some colored vinyl left of their recent Re-issues of their Classic "Just Go Forward To Death" LP, Singles collection and latest LP "war Nuke & Death Sentence".

REPLICA's prank Debut 7" has been delayed, but should be out soon. REPLICA's Demo will be pressed as a 7" in Europe, and a european press of the debut 45 will also follow. REPLICA will also play CHAOS IN TEJAS.
ASTA KASK are celebrating their 25th anniversary! The first two of Prank's long delayed ASTA KASK Vinyl re-issues "MED IS I MAGEN" and "ALDRIG EN LP" are out now. They recently played in Columbia and have a series of special gigs set up throuhgout this year.

HERATYS's final EP "Naen Punaista" is out now. Most raging record. Members are now playing in INSTITUTION with Poffen and Jallo from Totalitar, who have released a 12" on Sweden's DE:Nihil and 7" on D-Takt & Ra-punk. Poffen also has a new recording soon from the band DISSEKERAD with Pyri from AVSKUM.

EFFLUXUS's prank debut 7" EP is out now. EFFLUXUS will tour the west coast with INFERNOH from Sweden in May on their way to CHAOS IN TEJAS, with a limited split 7" EP on RUST AND MACHINE to follow. Jeremey is also now Drumming for CONDITION.

MERDOSO now have Matt from Signal Lost / Army of Jesus playing drums. Hopefully they will record again and play live again soon.

MARTYRDOD are on tour in Europe now with ROTTEN SOUND. They have a latest LP/cd "Paranoia" out on Southern Lord.

BUMBKLAATT's "LUCTUS" LP will be re-issued on Prank on LP and digital shortly. BUMBKLAATT will play " Obscene extreme north America" in Mexico City and a series of local gigs soon.

TRAGEDY -Todd, Paul and Yannick from HIS HERO IS GONE with Billy from DEATHREAT are on tour now in New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. TRAGEDY recently released a 4th LP/CD " DARKER DAYS AHEAD" on their TRAGEDY RECORDS label. New Bay Area Punk label WARTHOG SPEAKS is assembling a DEATHREAT tribute 'zine!?! Fans of DEATHREAT should check out Billy and Todd's band TRAUMA with the singer of Portland's legendary FINAL WARNING, they have a first LP out on FERAL WARD and a new one due soon. PAUL also has a new LP from CRIMINAL DAMAGE due soon on Feral ward
Leo From WORD SALAD has an awesome site up of his artwork: http://leogonzales.com/ . Sonny from Word Salad is sometime sound engineer at Oakland Metro and still playing in SAVIOURS.

Daiki from MORPHEME is now in CRIME DESIRE and still playing with VACCUUM periodically. Will From MORPHEME is now in EFFLUXUS.

TALK IS POISON will play the "THIS IS NOT A STEP" festival at 924 GILMAN STREET this June with LOS CRUDOS, NO STATIK and More. Brian and Jim From TALK IS POISON are also in NEEDLES and recently released their third 7" on Iron Lung Records and toured Australia.

KYLESA have a new LP/CD out soon on SEASONS OF THE MIST entitled " ULTRAVIOLET". Their recent singles and rarities collection featured a re-working of the A-side of their Prank 7" EP "100 Degree Heat Index".

ACEPHALIX are on hiatus for awhile, But Luca and Kyle are playing in a new band called "LAWLESS" with a heavier Black metal bent.

Jack from WORLD BURNS TO DEATH is busy with his mastering Studio http://www.enormousdoor.com/ and they are now making Handcrafted distortion pedals!

ROCKEY from DEAD AND GONE is in a new band called OPTIONAL BODY with Sonny Kay. THey have a new 7" due in March on 25 Diamonds: http://25diamonds.com/

Will from BORN/DEAD is now playing in NO MORE ART, who are preparing an LP for release on DERANGED. Wyatt is playing in ABRUPT, Bill Jackson has been doing a series of STRUNG UP reunion shows ( including an upcoming one with INFEST at Oakland Metro April 20th). Josh is now playing in RULETA RUSSA with Jose from Peligro Social and they are currently recording their debut LP. Part time Born/Dead Fill in Drummer, Markley is off to europe soon with FRACAS.

Chris from SIGNAL LOST is now playing in CRIATURAS, who recently released an LP "Oscuridad Eterna". Stan is playing in ARTIC FLOWERS, who recently self-released a new 12" EP and had a re-press of their debut on Inimical. They are preparing an LP for deranged. Stan is still recording bands in Portland: http://www.buzzorhowlstudios.com/

Dan From DESOLATION is doing a series of reunion shows with STRUNG UP, and is rumored to be a member of Creepsylvania's GHOUL...or maybe they just ate him. How then can he keep his http://www.mammothsoundmastering.com/ mastering studio going?!?

Brian From ELDOPA 1332's band of a few years ONE IN THE CHAMBER recently released their Debut LP/CD on Beneath the Gallows, It features more than a few thick, crushin ELDOPA-ish riffs. Sean from ELdopa is playing with Jon Summerall from ECONOCHRIST in VULVALARD. Greg from ELDOPA / GRIMPLE re-re-located back to New Mexico and is looking to re-form the BORN UGLYS, a short lived project that recaptured the early grimple sound and released a limited 45 on Prank. Ira From Grimple is still playing in BRAINOIL. SMASH YOUR FACE had a new LP come out in Japan Last year and are still playing live in Japan regularly: Check their site: http://www.smashyourface.com/

Troy from GUYANA PUNCH LINE has a new band called BURNT BOOKS with an LP out soon on AT A LOSS produced by Phillip Cope from Kylesa. Chris Bickel is working on project with Members of SCROTUM GRINDER and END OF THE CENTURY PARTY.

Tomio from CROW is now in HAZARD and plays on their latest "Punk Addict" CD.

We often get asked about San Francisco from people visiting or about to visit the City so we went ahead and made a "Punk's Guide" with cheap restaraunts, record stores, venues and other info. You can find the page here