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replicaREPLICA- "Beast" EP 7"

Blasting urgency with the song-driven edge of early 80's so-cal hardcore mixed at top speed with the brash edges of 90's East Bay punk, this second EP on Prank by Oakland's REPLICA features six tracks of powerful hardcore underlined with undeniable catchiness. Fueled by lighting-quick drumming, pummeling bass lines, ripping riffs, and powerful vocals, "BEAST EP" was recorded at the end of their tour last year with Japan's COMPLETED EXPOSITION and is comprised of songs that have long been staples of the band's live set. The EP was recorded at Earhammer by Greg Wilkinson and features a deluxe cover with multiple illustrations by local artist Jon Carling. REPLICA will tour the East Cost in late June / early July.

Download: http://prank.bandcamp.com

You can order here: http://prankrecords.bigcartel.com

bumBUMBKLAATT -"Luctus" Deluxe Edition LP

Blasting Metallic Hardcore from the Border of San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, BUMBKLAATT have remained a constant of the Californian and Mexican Punk Scene since their formation by former members of CHICKEN FARM and RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE in the early 2000's. Empassioned screams swap hard and fast with gutteral growls over rocking guitar leads, crushing riffs and ferocious hardcore pummel ignited by speeding drum blasts. Following several well received EP's, This debut album was originally released by the band in a small edition sold primarily at shows. For first time in general distribution, This Deluxe Vinyl edition of "Luctus" on Prank features the full cover artwork by drummer Adrian Balderrama re-printed on a heavy weight sleeve with metallic inks, an exclusive sticker to the first pressing, a large 11" x 22" insert, hand stamped inner sleeve and download code.

"Precision, speed, and volume coalesce in to one of the most bad-assed, rippingest, slayingest bands of the genre " - Razorcake.

You can order here: http://prankrecords.bigcartel.com

slangSLANG -"Glory Outshines Doom" LP

Sapporo, Japan's SLANG 6th's LP may be the most definitive expressions of the bands long Journey as part of and evolution within the History of Japanese hardcore. Starting in the late 1980's a classic sounding Japanese hardcore band, SLANG's sound became heavily influenced in the 1990's by NYHC like AGNOSTIC FRONT, MADBALL and slower breakdowns as a means for impact, In the 00's the band embraced more metallic influences and slowly began to seam all of it together,: the tough, growling vocals, the slow, crushing breakdowns, raging guitar leads, lightening fast hardcore charge. Their Previous two albums " The Immortal Sin" and " Life Made Me hardcore" began the road to this, but " Glory Outshines Doom" goes to another level of combining all these elements to create an intense, dark, completely and totally brutal record, crashing barriers between Punk, Metal and hardcore. Issued on CD by the PIZZA OF DEATH LP, this is it's first appearance on vinyl and comes in a heavy weight sleeve with full color inner sleeve and labels. Colored vinyl for mail-order, Black and white promo Poster while supplies last.

You can order here: http://prankrecords.bigcartel.com

replicaREPLICA- 7"

The debut 7" EP From the San Francisco Bay Area's REPLICA is fueled by searing guitar, fast blasting drum beats, sturdy tough bass lines and brash, raw vocals. Five tracks that thread many different hardcore influences and sounds - from the metallic thrash and high energy of current Brazillian Hardcore to a raw straight forward punk attack like early LA proto-hardcore or east bay punk to the wild unpredictability of 90's thrash, to make a unique whole. Members from DUCK AND COVER, INFECT, NO STATIK , these tracks were recorded in 2012 at THe Dutch Oven by craigums and mastered at George Horn Mastering. REPLICA are a scene constant in the local bay area and will appear at this Year's CHAOS IN TEJAS festival. Thick vinyl, folderver sleeve and First press comes with a Vinyl sticker.


"White Glove Test" is the third studio album by Seattle-San Francisco power violence duo IRON LUNG, and a follow up to 2007's "Sexless, No Sex". A claustrophobic, paranoid attack of water tight Stop-start intense hardcore hammered between crushing sludge bits mixed with hardcore pummel. Artwork by FEEDING. Recorded at Earhammer Studios over summer 2012, the deluxe 2XCD version includes the White Glove Test album and the companion "Finds More Filth" Noise album, which can be played independently or simultaneously with the hardcore record.

Limited edition of 1,000.


Blasting noise edged "Headache hardcore" from the SF Bay Area, EFFLUXUS mix caustic influences from blown out Japanese and Chaotic European hardcore with their own straight ahead overdrive. Featuring former members of MORPHEME, YADOKAI, SANCTUM and DETONIZE, EFFLUXUS' Debut Prank 4 song EP features their trademark harsh buzzsaw guitar distortion, Hauntingly echoing Shouted vocals and thundering drum attack. A raw explosion of Intensity, EFFLUXUS previously released a 12" on seattle's RUST & MACHINE and have numerous DIY demos released worldwide. One of the strong forces of the current Bay Area DIY Scene, regularly organizing festivals, gigs and tours, EFFLUXUS will tour the west coast in May with Sweden's INFERNOH. Cover art by Guillem from DESTINO FINAL, Mastered by George horn with heavy weight vinyl in textured pocket Sleeve with Insert. 391 on Black Vinyl.

360 on Orange.


Sweden's HERATYS combine the overdrive of D-beat hardcore like TOTALITAR with the savage consonant-laden vocal attack of classic Finnish hardcore, topping this 7-song rampage with blazing guitar leads punctuated with searing quick solos. Featuring Members of SCUMBRIGADE and SKITSYSTEM, HERATYS were a unique band in Swedish hardcore, singing entirely in Finnish. They wrote - and thankfully recorded- this final 7" before their unexpected breakup in 2012, as it's one of the most completely raging Scandinavian - or otherwise- Hardcore records of recent note, reaching their most seamless combination of the influences that surfaced in their previous 12" and 4 song EP released in Europe. US pressing of this EP was mastered by George horn with heavy weight vinyl in pocket Sleeve with Insert. Members now play in HARDA TILDER and INSTITUTION. First Pressing of 339 on Kaviar colored vinyl, 327 on "Lenin's Piss".

European pressing on LA FAMILIA. Try Punkdistro.de


Raging hardcore from the SF Bay area, NO STATIK's debut 12" takes a straight forward 80's hardcore charge and detonates it with bursts of chaotic 90's hardcore rapid fire drumming. Guitar leads sear and squeal out of the chaos as brutal vocals dredge and nail down dark, pointed lyrics. Six inventive blasts of thick, stop, start and rampage are on the A-side and the B-side is the title track, an experimental track that weaves the band's hardcore attack in and out of an ambient and rhythmic soundscape. Vocalist Ruby was previously in MOMENTO MORI and SCROTUM GRINDER. Guitarist Mark was in LOOK BACK AND LAUGH and DESTROY!. Drummer B was in SCHOLASTIC DETH and END OF THE CENTURY PARTY. Bassist Robert was in ARTIMUS PYLE, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? and is in CONQUEST FOR DEATH.

Re-press of 300 On Purple Vinyl.


Peter En Betou with Lacquers cut by George Horn. This Record was originally intended as a Farewell with the ironic title translating to "Never an LP". 19 songs including "Lasse Lasse Liten" "Ringhals Brinner" and many of the bands legendary tracks they still perform live. ASTA KASK continues to perform in their Native Sweden as they pass their 25th anniversary and continues to tour worldwide, most recently touring in Medeliin, Columbia! Includes new Liner notes.



Aggressive Melodic hardcore punk attack, Tokyo's FORWARD return with their first new LP since 2004's " Burn Down the Corrupt Justice" with catchy guitar riffs grounded in solid rhythms with intense gravel throated vocals from World Punk Legend, Ishiya! Their First LP with New Drummer Akiyama, FORWARD maintain a constant live Schedule in their native Japan and have honed these new tracks to make a solid collection of song-driven Anthems hammered with hardcore impact. Lyrically the LP is poetically reflective and many of the songs address the situation of Post-Tsunami Japan. Formed in 1996 comprised of former members of DEATHSIDE, INSANE YOUTH and SYSTEMATIC DEATH, this is the band's Third full LP and follows a recent set of catalog re-issues on Prank. FORWARD returned to the US for their Third Stateside tour earlier this year.This vinyl edition comes house in a U/V gloss heavy weight sleeve with Mastering by Jack Control from WORLD BURNS TO DEATH/ ENORMOUS DOOR STUDIOS and Lacquer Cutting By George Horn.

astakaskASTA KASK "MED IS I MAGEN" 12"


"MED IS I MAGEN" is the first 12" by Sweden's legendary punk band ASTA KASK, a cornerstone of Swedish Punk Rock and it's "Trallpunk" Genre - where lightning fast delivery of unrelenting melodic and upbeat punk is delivered hardcore tempo . Featuring many of the bands classic tracks "Psykiskt Instabil", "Till Far", "Valkommen Hem". This was the band's Best selling release, though it has become a sought after collector's item since it's release in 1985. This is the first time the original 12" version has been re-pressed in it's debut format since it's initial Release. Maximum Rock'N' Roll #31 said n 1985 of the original Release "Yet another outstanding release from this Swedish band. With their tight musicianship, super instrumental hooks, rough lead vocals, and up-tempo sing-along choruses, they remind me of classic punk outfits from the late '70s like STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. ASTA KASK wouldn't know how to write a bad song, so don't ignore this 12".

This version Features a heavy weight sleeve and new lyric insert with liner notes and lyric explanations. Re-mastered by Peter En Betou with Lacquers cut by George Horn. ASTA KASK are still active as they near their 30th anniversary, headlining gigs in Sweden, Japan, Europe and the U.S.

fwFORWARD "What's The Meaning Of Love?"LP


From the forefront of the Japanese Hardcore Scene of the Last 15 years, FORWARD's fierce hardcore was first released on a series of Singles, EP's and Compilation appearances in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Collecting the entire tracks from their "Feel The Core Of Self" 7", "Act Then Decide" 7", "We Need The Truth" CD-EP, "What Are You gonna Get" 7" and rare compilation appearances for the first time in a remastered collection from the original Sound sources, shows the band defining it's sound of tough vocalled, stripped down hardcore, flourished with guitar solos and melody.

A7) GHOUL (Live)
B6) MUGEN (Live)

fwFORWARD "Just Go Forward To Death" LP


Tokyo, Japan's FORWARD Formed in 1996 after the break up of Legendary Tokyo Hardcore band DEATHSIDE, with Lead singer Ishiya and Bassist You joining New members from INSANE YOUTH and KGS to start a new band that would continue "Forward" with new Punk sounds. With an edgy, raw hardcore attack, "JUST GO FORWARD TO DEATH" was a culmination of those early years of the band, and was released in 2000 on the H.G. FACT label. One of the band's Milestone releases with some of the band's most classic tracks such as "Revolution", What's The Meaning Of Love?". "Set Me Free", as well as the title track, all marked by the band's boisterous vocals, catchy guitar leads and sturdy, pounding rhythm section. This Lp was never released in the U.S., has been out of print on vinyl in Japan for years and is newly Re-mastered in time for FORWARD'S early summer tour of the Southwest and West Coast, the third time this Legendary band has toured the states and first time since their 2006 tour with TRAGEDY.

ncNO STATIK "Everywhere You Aren't Looking" LP


A chaotic Swirl Blasting at extreme velocity, the San Francisco Bay Area's NO STATIK's debut 10 -song LP is a torrent of rapid fire drum attack, Searing guitar leads and harsh vocals. NO STATIK 's Sound draws from the Fast, Chaotic hardcore sound of the 1990's as the band's long pedigree maps DIY hardcore scene of the last two decades- Members previously played in SCROTUM GRINDER, MOMENTO MORI, IMPETUS INTER, LOOK BACK AND LAUGH, DESTROY!, ARTIMUS PYLE, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?, END OF THE CENTURY PARTY, MURDER SUICIDE-PACT, JUD JUD, FUCKFACE, CONQUEST FOR DEATH, SCHOLASTIC DETH, but combines diverse elements of all those past, present and future sounds to ignite another level of Sonic Mayhem. Bleak lyrics frame this outing, as the single track A-Side has the band again experimenting... with Ambient near Horror Movie Soundtrack type eerieness. Recorded at Earhammer and Mastered at George Horn.

PRANK 118 NO STATIK "We All DIe In The End" 12" EP
PRANK 122 NO STATIK "No Hospice" 7"

rcREALITY CRISIS "Not Bound By The Past We Live In The Present" LP

PRANK 132 / MCR-262LP

Explosive hardcore from Nagoya, Japan REALITY CRISIS take harsh dual vocals that ho, screamed, shout, and powerfully punch atop bombastic hardcore, fuel it with titanic pounding build ups and blast everything into raging hardcore songs that strike an intensely pointed balance between straight forward thrashing and a descent into noisy Chaos. This new LP features re-recordings of older tracks from the band's various deleted EP's and compilation tracks, completely re-recorded and re-mastered by the band's current line up. Their third Domestic US Release in addition to an appearance on Prank's US press of the "Nagoya City Hardcore" Compilation LP, REALITY CRISIS will return to the US for their second time and first appearance at Austin's Chaos in Tejas Festival this May. Split release with Japan's MCR label.


Click here to order.


THE BORN UGLYS is a new band from Greg Valencia, guitarist and sometimes vocalist in GRIMPLE, ELDOPA1332 and WATCH THEM DIE and returns to the melodic roots of early 90's New Mexico Hardcore like early GRIMPLE, the earliest, melodic LOGICAL NONSENSE recordings or the punkier moments of the classic early 90's Lookout catalog like FILTH, CRIMPSHRINE or BLATZ. Jason Nipples From CROSS STITCHED EYES, THE ENEMYS , ALARIC Joins on Drums and Dutch From Prank's wildest new Mexico Export, WORD SALAD joins on bass, so there's still an abrasive blasting hardcore edge and a searing solo or three. 4 Tracks, including a cover of an unreleased LOGICAL NONSENSE track. First pressing of 380 copies on Red Vinyl.

ironlung Click here to order Iron Lung LP IRON LUNG "LIFE. IRON LUNG.DEATH" LP REPRESS

Destructive power violence hardcore, The Second LP from Seattle-via-San Francisco-Via-Reno's IRON LUNG follows to the point of their abrasive blend of low end crushing heavy lumbering split with devastating and inventive fast thrash and bleak lyrics skewed through medical malpractice. This 20-song second LP follows up their "life. Iron Lung.Death" LP on 625 Thrash on top of a ridiculous number of 7"'s, split releases, cassettes, CD-R's and other limited releases. The Duo that is IRON LUNG sit at the forefront of the modern Power Violence resurgence, continually re-inventing the formula and pushing it to new extremes. IRON LUNG members were previously in ARTIMUS PYLE, GEHENNA, GOB and VAE VICTUS, Currently also play in PIG HEART TRANSPLANT, WALLS and SOCIETY NURSE and have toured extensively throughout the US, Australia, Europe, SE Asia and Japan. "SEXLESS//NO SEX" was recorded at Polymorph Studios by Dan Rathbun.The cover artwork is mind blowing pen and ink scratching by NICK BLINKO of RUDIMENTARY PENI..

Re-pressed on Pale Orange vinyl (405) and Clear with a hint of Green (401) with download code.

ns Click here to order No Statik 7" NO STATIK-"No Hospice" B/W "Clean Swift Sunshine" 7" EP Two New Tracks from the Bay Area's NO STATIK, "No Hospice" is a mid-paced, floor punching anthem, "Clean Swift Sunshine" is a full tilt hardcore blasting more akin to tracks on their 2011 Prank Debut 12". Comes in a felt weave pocket sleeve with insert. Limited copies on yellow / "Orange" vinyl. NO STATIK is on tour on the east Coast End of December 2011-January 2012.

You can it order from the Prank Webstore.

sd Click here to order Smash Detox 7" SMASH DETOX - 7"A remarkable cross border collaboration, SMASH DETOX is ISHIYA (FORWARD), SOUICHI (FORWARD), MUKAI (JUDGEMENT), ZAC ( WORLD BURNS TO DEATH,) IIZAWA (TETSU AREI ) and ANDREA.Two powerful songs - "Shanguri-La" and " Like water" that take elements of the intense hardcore sounds of each of their classic Japanese and American Hardcore bands, but combined to a new and unique whole.

Created with intense focus and effort, this recalls many of the classic definitive HG FACT two track EP's that defined the Tokyo punk sound of the late 90's and early 00's, but also has the unmistakable mark of Texas Powerhouse hardcore. Initially recorded and mixed at Toyko's OUR HOUSE studio, Guest Vocal by JACK CONTROL (WORLD BURNS TO DEATH). Split release with HG FACT. Pocket sleeve with insert.

200 on Red vinyl (Japan only). 200 on Blue vinyl (USA only, no sales to Japan), regular press on white vinyl.

You can it order from the Prank Webstore.

slang Click here to order Slang Lp SLANG - "LIFE MADE ME HARDCORE" LP PRANK 117 No UPC
Heavy Weight Gatefold Sleeve and Poster.
Intense Hardcore from Sapporo, Japan. SLANG combines the Manic energy of the best of Japanese Hardcore, a hint of the tough edge of Early East Coast Hardcore, blasting D-beat and crushing metallic riffs. Their Fifth Album since 1988, "LIFE MADE ME HARDCORE" is a crushing follow up to their 2008 LP " The Immortal Sin" that was released on Canada's Schizophrenic Records. Twelve tracks with absolutely searing riffs and highlighting Vocalist KO's harsh gutteral vocal attack. SLANG toured the U.S. for the first time in 2010, performing at Austin's Chaos in Tejas Festival and across the eastern half of the U.S. with MIND ERASER and WORLD BURNS TO DEATH. The U.S. Version of this release features exclusive artwork by the legendary classic rock artist Joe Petagno ( Motorhead) and is housed in a deluxe stoughton Gatefold and comes with a large 2-sided poster / Lyric insert. Released in Europe by Hardware records, Germany. First press of 560 on Red Vinyl.
acephalix Click here to order Acephalix LpACEPHALIX - "APORIA" LP/CD Ultra downtuned, crushing metallic punk assault. A tungsten gnarl of immense grimy heaviness, the Debut LP by San Francisco's ACEPHALIX touches on influences of bands from divergent points of Punk, metal and hardcore- SACRILEDGE, CRO-MAGS, NAUSEA, MOTORHEAD, HELLSHOCK, ANTI-CIMEX but none of those exactly pinpoints where the band is at and where they continually evolving band is headed, as they brawl through attacks of D-Beat, dirge and thrash. Classic harmonized Metal leads and feedback fly as gutteral vocals spit and growl, with sturdy rhythms supporting the dark melodic undercurrent that drives this crushing, pounding, dense metal-punk hybrid. Massive production by Jef Leppard in the dark attic of Lennon Studios and mastered by George Horn Mastering. 300 copies on White available for Mailorder.Limited White vinyl + poster for mailorder / Bonus Track on CD.

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