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Marking the 2010 summer U.S. tour of Austin, Texas's WORLD BURNS TO DEATH and Sapporo, Japan's veteran hardcore band SLANG, this EP combines two guitar driven blasts of hardcore fury. SLANG have existed for over twenty years evolving between Classic Japanese fast hardcore and downbeat NYHC influences, their track " Our Grey Earth" rampages on SLANG's own path, incorporating the evolution of influences into a fast assault of hardcore that winds to a devastating guitar driven breakdown. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH similarly continue to evolve from caustic bursts of corrosive thrashing to a tempered attack stitched by a melodic guitar riff and glued solid with torrential drum bashing, volatile guitar blasts and harsh vocals, ensuring their track " Babylon Endures" continues their trademark sheer intensity. Limited White vinyl for mailorder. 350 copies Pressed. Limited Red Vinyl copies for Stores and distro only are limited to 650.

crowCROW - NEUROTIC ORGANIZATION" 7" Red Vinyl Re-press
Dark and bleak hardcore cornered in metallic rock, but thundering with determined intent. Fueled by the upbeat energy of Japanese hardcore, but drawing longer mid tempo compositions of shouted despair, pounded drum beats and screaming guitars influenced by UK bands such as Antisect and Amebix, the EP includes a rollicking cover of Amebix's "No Sanctuary." Crow has been on and off the hardcore scene for almost two decades, with numerous releases in Japan. This was their first US release in 2001, recorded in Oakland at Polymorph Studios and has been out of print for over six years, with cover art and design by Carl Auge of His Hero Is Gone and Drain the Sky. The Cover has been re-worked for this re-release and the EP issued on limited to 400 red vinyl.

crowCROW - "FLOCK OF BEAST" 7" (Prank 101)
Tokyo legends Crow deliver two blasting tracks of doomy, metallic punk mayhem - "Flock Of Beast" and "Flock Of Beast 2." Thundering deeper into epic, mid-tempo territory on the A-side with Crow's trademark boisterous vocals over searing riffs, this EP echoes their recent "The Beating Of The Wings Of Destruction" 12" by exploding on the B-side into ferocious, fast paced hardcore. Crow's origins date back to the early Japanese punk scene of the 1980s, but they have attacked in the last decade with a renewed intensity, culminating this decade in three US tours and a second album "Bloody Tear" which was released in the U.S. by Prank in 2007. Clear vinyl re-press limited to 500.

Bombastic crust-metal from Tokyo, an ultra brutal lightning attack of searing riffs, wild solos, screaming vocals and crushing rhythm section. Bleak intent and searing metallic mayhem, CROW have dotted the landscape of Japanese hardcore punk since its inception and just seem to get more devastating with age!! This is a slightly altered and remastered version of their first full length / second LP since the 1980's with 9 tracks that were originally released by Prank in 2007. Some of the songs are intense re-recorded versions of some of their classic tracks (including their Signature track "Give Up All Hope" that has been covered by numerous bands including the UK"s legendary Doom) as well as new recordings of songs from their recent ultra- limited Japanese releases. This is the official vinyl release of this LP, which was released as a CD-only on the Mangrove label in Japan. The LP sequence has slight variations in both track listing and mixes. 1000 made / available for a limited time only.

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BORN AGAINST - "The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure" LP
The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure is a 19-song posthumous release of all BORN AGAINST's remaining and out-of-print obscure 7", 8", and compilation tracks with extensive liner notes and lyrics. Culled from various line-ups of the band, The Rebel Sound includes material ranging from the early years of heavily LIFE'S BLOOD-style New York hardcore sludginess, to the band's final release marked with experimentation, from the classic "Bit Part in a Bad Movie" to the Jeffersons' theme song! Remastered from the Vermiform version with slight changes. CD version on KILL ROCKS STARS.

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ICE NINE - "Nobody's Son" 7" EP
Mailorder copies on Colored Vinyl - First Pressing= White Vinyl, Limited to 500. ICE NINE from Indianapolis, Indiana represented everything that was great about resurgent extreme hardcore of the 1990's- a experimental willingness to throw anything against the wall to make it's point, incorporating the straight forward attack of 80's hardcore but pulverizing formula through burly Low end down beat, intensely Frenetic drumming, swirling guitar leads and the fragmentary Midwest stop and start twists. A Uniquely Original band like their contemporaries HIS HERO IS GONE, IN/HUMANITY, END OF THE CENTURY PARTY and with a sound way ahead of the same stop-melody-start-grind that became popular in the late nineties / early 00's by half a decade, Prank was originally slated to release an LP by ICE NINE in 1996, but the band broke up before it was recorded. Band members went on to play in TIME IN MALTA, BURN IT DOWN, MAHJAS, THE PROBLEMATICS, YOU WILL DIE and THE DREAM IS DEAD. A successful CD collection of ICE NINE's material from the Bovine, Ebullition, Rhetoric labels was released on Happy Couples Never Last in 2004 and in 2009, the band reunited with all original members to play Indianapolis's DUDEFEST. The response was so phenomenal ICE NINE wrote three new tracks that pick up right where they left off. Mastered by George horn with a cover by Bob Peele ( {mag] Fanzine. ICE NINE are currently writing a new album for Prank in 2010.
Black vinyl = 550 Pressed.
White Vinyl =500 Pressed.

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DESOLATION - " Rest in Panic" 7" EP

Mailorder copies on Splatter white/black vinyl. The Bay Area's DESOLATION return ! Blasting metallic hardcore fusing the melodic influence of Japanese "Burning spirits" hardcore with straight forward attack of US thrash and the dark tone of European Crust. DESOLATION went on Hiatus shortly after their Self-tilted prank Debut LP of 2005, but return with a new vocalist and three new tracks. Fusing influences of the members previous and current bands-BORN/DEAD, ABRUPT, STRUNG UP, SCURVY DOGS with a marked inspiration from Japanese Hardcore with relentless upbeat energy and searing leads , these are the fastest DESOLATION tracks yet, but still retain the complex song writing and bleak feel of their previous releases. Cover Features new artwork by Japanese Artist SUGI.
Black vinyl = 500 pressed.
Splatter Vinyl = 500 Pressed.

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CD VERSIONS Available Here: http://www.interq.or.jp/japan/hgfact/

The Third LP from Tokyo's PAINTBOX was almost ten years in the making is finally available on Vinyl. Combing the ferocity of Japanese hardcore with influences from across the music spectrum-Classic rock, J-Pop, Psychedelia and more- this double LP is an almost 70 minute journey through a myriad of emotions and Sound scapes that stretches the concept of a hardcore LP to it's limit in a way only Japanese legends PAINTBOX could. (Prank 105) Comes in a heavy weight tip-on Stoughton sleeve with fold out lyric sheet with English lyric translations. Mailorder copies on Yellow vinyl.

Collecting PAINTBOX's four 7" releases- their debut 7" EP, "DOOR /PROVIDED RAILROAD" 7", "CRY OF THE SHEEPS" and "BACK REPORTER" FLEXI with tracks from tribute records to both POISON IDEA and JAPANESE legend GHOUL, "RELICTS" is as much of an overview of the bands progression as a litmus of their skill at combining diverse music ideas within the framework of "Burning Spirits" styled hardcore. (Prank 104) Mailorder copies come on Blue vinyl with a bonus blue vinyl LP of the "Raise the Capital" show only CD-R of live tracks, full color record labels, insert and obi strip. Limited to 300 in the U.S. The copies in stores will just be a single LP of the studio material.

Wholesale also available from No Idea and Ebullition. Mailorder everywhere. JAPAN = GET THESE FROM HG FACT!!!!

Oakland, California's BORN/DEAD's debut 5- song 7" EP set the blueprint for the bands searing attack of guitar driven hardcore, with harsh dual vocal trade offs spitting bleak Anarcho-punk lyrics and pounding, fast drumming. Now Re-issued on Gold vinyl with a mini poster, the original artwork, bonus inner sleeve and pressed from the original plates, This release has been Out of print for over five years, though the songs have remained staples of BORN/DEAD's live shows worldwide. Prank has licensed this EP from NO OPTIONS records as a re-release is strictly limited to 800 copies, to coincide with BORN/DEAD's 2009 Summer tour of Europe.

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ACEPHALIX - S/T 7"(Prank 102)
A brutal combination of Low end Metallic Distortion, Pummeling riffs and Gnarled vocals, San Francisco's ACEPHALIX's Debut 4 song 7" takes influence from all over the map of Extreme music-from CELTIC FROST to CRO-MAGS and INTEGRITY, from WOLFPACK and Later ANTI-CIMEX to SACRILEDGE and AXEGRINDER, but has hammered out and forged it's own sound by relentless gigs around the SF Bay Area over the past year. Featuring current and former members of THE RIFFS, DEPRESSOR, POISON IDEA, DEFIANCE, DEATHCHARGE and BLOWN TO BITS, this is the heaviest thing prank has released in almost fifty releases, a modern attack yet reminiscent of early classic prank releases by DAMAD, ELDOPA 1332 and the bleak punk metal fusions of the late 90's and early 00's. First printing in a foil stamped sleeve.

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Blasting an unrelenting wall of D-beat hardcore, Resonating with vitality, "Uppror Underifran" (translated loosely "Uproar from the Underground") by Swedish Legends AVSKUM is stunningly, their most severe record in the band's 26 year history. An overkill attack of smashing drums and guitar riffage, This Fourth Lp hearkens back to their 1982 origins , with a heavy DISCHARGE bent ala' ANTI-CIMEX mired with the incomprehensibily raw, blunt and brutal song structures found in the original era of Swedish hardcore punk. The MOTORHEAD-ish rock overdrive of their previous Prank LP's is still cranked with the curt economy of masters at the top of their game, capped with AVSKUM's inventive song structures and always great, trademark harsh vocals, all captured in a exceptional recording from Gothenburg's EVIL GRILL studio and slapped in a cool sleeve by Swedish artist CRASH MANGE. Taking a four year break since their last LP,"Punkista", the band took time writing "Uppror Underifran" to deliver 16 incredibly rock solid tracks that transition from their previous recordings to now have largely entirely Swedish lyrics, but still take relevant aim at U.S. War Policy, Capitalism and Mass consumption. Stunningly one of the band's best outings to date.

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The Fifth LP from Tokyo, Japanese Hardcore legends, GAUZE. Since 1981 GAUZE have played some of the world's most intense hardcore punk, and at this point might hold the title of the World's greatest continually playing, original 1980's hardcore band. A "Living tradition" of Japanese hardcore that has never mellowed with age, GAUZE have played monthly in Tokyo for 27 years, devoting most of their energy to their live performances. Many of their songs are hammered out at their Live shows long before their sporadic recorded releases (their last release was ten years ago!). GAUZE's songs just seem to get FASTER with each record, and the blinding ten tracks here are no exception. Issued in Japan in late 2007 as a CD- only release, this is one of GAUZE's rawest recording yet and it's first appearance on vinyl.

worldburns to death
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8 Track Raging Attack of Absolute Hardcore... with searing guitars, a thundering and rapid fire drum pound, and harsh vocals spitting forth a brutal vision. This third LP from Austin, Texas's WORLD BURNS TO DEATH further evolves and refines their trademark sound as dark, ramcharging ultra-punk comes full circle... Here is the speed and severity of their debut 45's AND the refinement, heaviness and precision of their two previous landmark albums on Hardcore Holocaust. While WB2D's lyrics have always been caged in Historical reference, the theme of this LP is rooted in the Failures, Disasters and Massacres of the Soviet State Apparatus and the records packaging includes a detailed 12- page lyric booklet.

"The Graveyard Of Utopia", was tracked initially in Tokyo, Japan after the WB2D 2007 Japanese tour at the legendary OUR HOUSE studios with final recording tweaks and mixing done at THE BUBBLE in Austin. It features guest appearances from Ishiya FORWARD, Iizawa BASTARD/JUDGEMENT/ TETSU AREI, Souichi FORWARD, Keiro AKUTARE and Chelsea DEATHSIDE/PAINTBOX, Ashley SIGNAL LOST.

Blasting, energetic rocking hardcore from Tokyo, The debut LP by Tokyo, Japan's PAINTBOX is a stunning blend of traditional "burning spirits" Japanese hardcore mixed with melodic pop and driving hard rock influences, fueled by raging guitar leads, a rampaging rhythm section and husky, tough sung vocals. Original Issued on the HG FACT label, it is issued for the first time in the U.S. on Vinyl. The Prank Records version features different artwork, a translated lyric sheet, a different A/B side breakdown and improved mastering from a now deleted vinyl pressing on Canada's Ugly Pop records. Guitarist Chelsea was instrumental to the creation of "Burning Spirits" sound as a member of 1980's legends DEATHSIDE, but forged new ground with Paintbox with it's infectious, upbeat energy.

christ on parade
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13 Tracks Recorded live on their 2007 West Coast tour on KFJC radio, this represents the set the "all original members" band played on both their West coast and European tours featuring classic tracks from all Eras of the band, with original Vocalist Barrie picking up some of the second vocal duties of the later material. It was re-mixed from its original broadcast, mastered by George Horn Mastering and come complete with a "Evil Live" styled Record jacket and insert. CHRIST ON PARADE's reunions, including a recent successful one of Japan, have been marked by dedication to presenting the band as they are and were- the equipment and the sound, attack and intent are not falsely "updated" or "modernized" and while this record does peek through a lighter side of the band inbetween tracks, it's very true to their original records and will stoke out both old and new fans.
LP's are on Green vinyl and limited to 550 Copies, CD's are limited to 600.
Track list: Chaos Breeder / Self-Serving / Drop - Out / Thoughts of War / Final Solution / Another Country / Riding The Flatlands / My Life/ Teach Your Children Well/ Joshua Brown/ Pressured To Succeed / Flash / Everyone's Crazy

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Brutal, devastating metallic hardcore from Sweden, over loaded with feedback as it blasts track after track of savagely shouted, throttling hardcore that slows only to deliver mid-tempo crushing blows. ACURSED, like many of the classic Swedish punk bands, are enigma that surfaces haphazardly to unleash a new set of harsh tracks, previously with several records on Sweden's PUTRID FILTH CONSPIRACY label and the DISTORTION label. Akin to the HIS HERO IS GONE / TRAGEDY/ FROM ASHES RISE school of dark riffs and mood, and the classic original "Prank Sound", "TUNNELN I LJUSETS SLUT" is ACURSED's years-in-the-making Prank debut, and one of the most bleak releases on the label yet- with minimal artwork, the band chose to not even provide song titles in the packaging to keep from distracting from the music and mood. Members also play in VICTIMS (Havoc Records), SUNDAY MORNING EINSTEINS (Prank), SAYYADINA (Sound Pollution).

borndeadBORN/DEAD - "The Final Collapse" LP
Charging Anarcho-punk, steeped in East bay hardcore moodiness and UK peace punk politics, this second LP by Oakland's BORN/DEAD offers no let up in blasting fury, with seven new tracks and a raging cover of '90's English band CRESS. Ignited with raw guitar attack and pummeling drums, fueled by Dual vocal shouts spewing point blank politics, BORN/DEAD balance their street level, direct punk assault with the dark, artful edges of East Bay Hardcore (Ala Dead and Gone, Christ ON Parade, Econochrist). Recorded by Greg Wilkinson ( Brainoil) at Ear Hammer with a flat UK'82- recording style, this LP comes packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with a printed 8- page lyric booklet. BORN/DEAD is currently on their third tour of Europe, following Multiple tours criss-crossing North America and Mexico and touring Australia and New Zealand in January.

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SIGNAL LOST - "Prosthetic Screams" LP/CD
Austin, Texas's SIGNAL LOST second LP and sophomore release "Prosthetic Screams" combines a WIPERS-Styled Guitar moodiness, AVENGERS-esque sung Female vocals, a on-point rhythm section, altogether echoing everything from Mid-Period TSOL, classic 80's New Wave, UK Peace Punk and at the same time reveling in the same dark outlook and spirit akin to most stuff on the Prank Label. Jokingly and now seemingly stuck with the tag " Dance music for Old Punks", it's a mark of the infectious nature of SIGNAL LOST's songs, and this LP is the strongest definition of the band yet, with widely marked progression within ten varied tracks, ranging from almost radio friendly pop punk to all out hardcore ragers to moody mid tempo tracks with surf-ish guitar. Recorded last year at the Bubble in Austin mastered by Jerry Tubbs at Terra Nova and featuring art work from Austin Artist Win Wallace, SIGNAL LOST features members of DEATHREAT , BALANCE OF TERROR, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and J-CHURCH...... Sounds like none of those bands with their own unique bent , but just as great! Colored vinyl while supplies last.

borndeadCHRIST ON PARADE - "Sounds of Nature" LP
Classic East Bay Hardcore delivered in a whirlwind of Speed and Anger, with blunt political Punk lyrics, This is a re-issue of CHRIST ON PARADE's earliest material that has been out of print for nearly two decades - the original "Sounds Of Nature" 12" from 1985 on one side, then tracks from THRASHER magazine's Skaterock, Vol.3 Compilation, The original, unreleased version of the "Isn't Life A Dream" 7" and an Unreleased AVENGERS cover on the flip. The packaging of the LP closely replicates the original "Sounds Of Nature" EP on Pusmort Records with a large 11x22" insert of the orginal inner sleeve, complete lyrics and full color photos. Members of CHRIST ON PARADE went on to play in NEUROSIS, BLISTER, HELLBILLYS, PLAN 9, ECONOCHRIST and more.CD version available on NEUROT recordings.

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TALK IS POISON - "Condensed Humanity: The Prank Ep's" LP
Out of print for half a decade, the 7" EP's recorded by Oakland's TALK IS POISON have become Cult legend among Hardcore collectors and fans, pegged as a " modern Classic" by the FLEX punk discography, cited as an influence on many bands that followed them since their brief existence in the late 1990's. A combination of a straight ahead hardcore attack ( William harris from Memphis's now legendary COPOUT), dark edged, Bass driven East Bay Hardcore ( Brian Stern, Member of DEAD AND GONE and currently in LOOK BACK AND LAUGH and CALIFORNIA LOVE), Pounding, Rock solid drumming ( Jim Nastique of BLACK FORK, THE PATTERN, SUICIDE PARTY) and Heavy Low end Dark pummeling ( Grant Kasten, of ANIMAL FARM, LIVING UNDER LIES, OJOROJO, COLDBRINGER ) TALK IS POISON released 17 tracks on two 7" EP's ( "Straight to Hell" , " Control" ) and a Split 7" with Memphis's DEATHREAT all of which are collected here in a powerful re-mastered version from the original tapes. Innovative Lyrically as well as musically, delivered with the stead fast earnestness of the best of Hardcore bands. Colored vinyl while supply lasts.

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TOTÄLITÄR "Vi Är Eliten" LP (gatefold) /CD
Rampaging D-beat hardcore punk, Stockholm's TOTÄLITÄR are one of the longest running and most renowned classic Swedish hardcore bands from the 1980's, with almost twenty releases since their beginnings in 1985. Respected for their challenging political lyrics, Integrity and continual inventive spins on a brutal and straightforward formula of rock-driven, blasting hardcore. After a series of Farewell shows in Sweden and in the U.S. in 2003, TOTÄLITÄR decided to do one final recording and album- "Vi Är Eliten" (We are the Elite) which features 17 Tracks. A combustive steamroller of their trademark desperate angry vocals, pounding rhythm section and searing guitar leads, their third full length album is one of their finest. Mastered at Fantasy Studios, The first pressing of the LP comes in a deluxe old-style gatefold jacket.

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Powerfully colliding Stripped Down hardcore with an updated version of the offbeat cold Wave / New wave fusion of classic 80's Polish Punk, PESD (POST EXTREME STRESS DISORDER) pull no punches in harsh vocal attack, Pounding rhythms and searing hook-laden rockin' hardcore riffs. The fast tracks tear with inventiveness and all-out furor of the best of International Hardcore records, then keyboards and early industrial sound effects come out in the Mid tempo songs to cast the record in a dark, near-gothic light, still retaining the aggressive urgency and mood.
An Inventive and powerful collaboration project between the guitarist of Poland's Legendary POST REGIMENT and the singer of the equally legendary TRAGEDIA, "POLITIKAREPOIZONEKURVAE" was originally released in 2005 on CD on Poland's Trujaca Fala label. This was so glued to the Prank Record's office stereo and is one of our absolute favorite records of the last few years, We decided to press it stateside.
The U.S. version has been re-mastered at Fantasy by George Horn and comes in deluxe packaging. Limited to 1,000 Copies with 500 on Orange vinyl. (Prank 082)
You can check some PESD MP3's at http://www.trujacafala.com/ but they are only part of the total picture of how this record works together.
signal lost
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SIGNAL LOST - You'll Never Get Us Down Again 7"
Austin,Texas's SIGNAL LOST's second record follows their debut LP in an inventive mix of melodic guitars,impassioned female vocals, and mid-tempo Hardcore-edged punk rock with a hint of garage, new wave and '77 punk. These four diverse tracks-From a melodic mid-tempo charger to the bands fastest, most hardcore material are the debut of new drummer Chris, who previously was in SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and is currently also in J-CHURCH. Guitarist Stan, who was previously in BALANCE OF TERROR and DEATHREAT, produced and recorded this stripped down recording which highlights his raw HUSKER DU -ish guitar sound. Since their debut LP in June of 2004 have criss crossed the US multiple times, hitting major DIY punk festivals and touring with Japanese band HAMMER, and are currently on tour in Europe. This EP is available in Europe from Trujca Fala and communichaos. Limited copies available on blue vinyl on Prank.
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BORN/DEAD - Repetition 7" EP
Oakland, California's BORN/DEAD charge forth with two new blasting tracks after a long hiatus- The A-Side is the chanting and unique "Repetition" which has been a focal point of their recent live sets with a classic UK Peace Punk feel. The Flip "Fear" is back to form with a full tilt hardcore charge of raw and political Punk rock. Recorded By Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil). Both tracks were featured on Born/Dead's recent Tour-Only 12" but have been re- mastered by John Golden, This is the debut of new drummer Josh. Limited edition copies were pressed on red and white vinyl.
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Violent distortion! Breakneck speed Hardcore singed with Metallic bite and raw thrash overdrive, Detonated by harsh barking vocals casting somber imagery.
The Debut LP/CD from San Franciso's DESOLATION combines influences from the Moody Dark Edge of Crust like NAUSEA and AMEBIX with the sweeping anthems and melody of classic Japanese Hardcore and delivers it with the speed and ferocity of the band members other units BORN/DEAD, STRUNG UP and SCURVY DOGS. LP/CD comes packaged in a deluxe foil stamped sleeve designed by PUSHEAD, with artwork by Japanese Artist SUGI, who has penned covers for many classic Japanese hardcore bands covers (WARHEAD, INSANE YOUTH, DEATHSIDE) and was recently featured in JUXATPOSE magazine. Interior art by Jeremy "Hush" Clark (Known best for his headers on Slug and Lettuce Fanzine and recent artwork for KYLESA and IRON LUNG). Recorded by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph Studios in Oakland (TRAGEDY, HIS HERO IS GONE, ARTIMUS PYLE) and Mastered by John Golden. First 600 copies on Red Vinyl.
Bury the living
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BURY THE LIVING - "All The News That's Fit to Scream" LP/CD
Tough bare knuckle hardcore with tough intent, charging guitars lead speeding blast beats to heavy SXE-styled breakdowns and choruses while hoarse shouting vocals resonate full bore, double barrel, no holds barred political Lyrics. Straight forward in overall attack, Memphis, Tennessee's BURY THE LIVING's second full Length LP's 21 tracks are filled with enough dark twists, experimentation and pulling from diverse influences within the Hardcore formula-from blast beat Mid '90's hardcore to SXE hardcore to late '80's experimentation with rock formulas within the hardcore format to fit well as their Prank Debut. Recorded in Memphis with Jason Potter last Spring, "All The News That's Fit To Scream" is an old school '80's 'Reagan-Era' hardcore pairing of urgent lyrics with urgent music, but not miring in nostalgia but updating for even darker times. Limited copies on White vinyl. "If You don't weigh in, You don't Rassle"!
Signal Lost
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SIGNAL LOST " Children of the Wasteland " - LP/CD
SIGNAL LOST brandish a raw guitar attack and passionate female vocals, playing catchy mid tempo hardcore punk rock with heavy emphasis on songs as opposed to over the top thrash bludgeoning. Akin to The MOB, ZOUNDS and other UK Peace punk, the anthems of the best of Polish Punk like DEZERTER or POST REGIMENT or even like later era ARTICLES OF FAITH or PROLETARIAT, SIGNAL LOST carry the rich legacy of Texas Punk a step further with a sound that riffs off of familiar elements but has it's own distinct identity. Guitarist Stan played guitar in Memphis's DEATHREAT who released numerous records on both Prank and the Partners In Crime records, as well as the criminally underrated and prolific New York City band BALANCE OF TERROR. The raw guitar sound of those bands remains, but the tempo slows to allow the melodic framework of the songs to shine. Recorded at Jackpot studios in Portland (ELLIOTT SMITH, SLEATER KINNEY) by Larry Crane ( Tape op Magazine), Children of the Wasteland is a unique record, different than your typical Prank release and a unique addition to the Prank family of bands.
Sunday Morning Einsteins
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Charging Swedish punk attack, burning guitars and sore throats, cracked cymbals and worn out DISCHARGE records, K–§ngn–§ve (Pronounced SCHANG-NAA-VEHH) is the second full length album by Stockholm's humor laced SUNDAY MORNING EINSTEINS. A doubletime hardcore assault with a wickedly bent sense of humor, riffing with the complexity and overdrive of Guitarist Peter's former band SVART SNO, but explosive in it's own direction. Other members have spent time in Accursed and Martyrdod, and SME previously released an LP on Minneapolis Sin Fronterias label and a 7" (Svensk Mangel EP) on Prank.
Artimus Pyle
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ARTIMUS PYLE "Fucked From Birth" - LP/CD
Unrelenting powerhouse of screamed vocals, pulse pounding drumming, low end guitar fury, the first proper full length from San Francisco's ARTIMUS PYLE refines all their previous output to precision lethal destructiveness. Recorded by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph Studios, Fucked From Birth is as it suggests: an anguished, brooding powerhouse hardcore record, cut of the dark Prank mold but with ARTIMUS PYLE'S unique and typical twists. Streamlining the manic attack of their earlier records, this follows the Fortress EP by the same new line up, faster and more thrashy briefly lurching into slow bits before launching back to full throttle.
Check out this interview with Artimus Pyle.
KylesaKYLESA "A 110 Heat Index" - 7"/CD EP
Savannah, Georgia's KYLESA return with two new tracks of head crushing metallic punk mayhem. After relentlessly touring the US in 2002, the band has been concentrating on new material since their 2001 debut LP .Two new songs " No ending" and " 110 degree Heat Index" showcase KYLESA'S genre defying scope - metal? punk? crust? rock? - yet undeniably unique and powerful. The CD- EP version features two additional tracks - a re-recording of the stomper "Delusion on Fire" from the now out of print Super Sabado Gigante compilation and a punishing cover of Crust Legends NAUSEA'S "Clutches". It also features video footage of the band performing live. The 7" is foil Stamped with colored Vinyl (Exactly 200 pressed of eight different colors: Yellow, Green, Light Green, Red, clear, Purple, Pink, and Grey)! Both formats come in a sleeve designed by and with all new artwork by Pushead.
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AVSKUM "Punkista"-LP/CD
Charged and furious, classic Swedish Punk carved out of D-Beat and DISCHARGE, blasting with Hoarse vocals and a wall of guitars. This is the third LP by Swedish legend's AVSKUM, who have existed on and off the Swedish hardcore punk scene since the early 1980's. This LP is marked with unqiue twists and turns that challenge and defy the formula while satisfying both fans of the bands old dirgy style "Ingen Manniska Ar Illegal" and full on DISCHARGE style attack "Children of war". Vital and powerful, Punkista was recorded at Sunlight Studios (entombed) in 2002 . .